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Trail signs stolen from the Foothills Natural Area



Salt Lake City, Utah — According to Salt Lake City Public Lands officials, 30 wayfinding and trail designation signs are stolen from the Foothills Natural Area.

They say the signs they have been searching for are 6 feet tall and 4 inches wide. They were driven 1-2 feet into the ground along the trails.

According to officials, they are working to replace the signs as soon as possible. Salt Lake police investigate to find the theft.

Officials ask those visiting the trails to plan ahead and use the interactive map available on their website’s homepage to help with navigation.

“These signs are extremely important to help users navigate the trail system and protect the surrounding environment,” a social post from their account read. “They also inform users which trails are for hikers and/or bikers for a more enjoyable and safe trail experience.”

Those with Salt Lake City Public Lands also reported vandalism in the same area, with hundreds of feet of fencing that has been knocked over.

They ask anyone with more information about the signs or vandalism to call 801-972-7800.

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