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Utah wildfires season arrives



Salt Lake City, Utah — The recent stretch of warm weather means wildfire season is arriving ahead of schedule.

Officials with the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Land are monitoring at least two new wildfires in Utah; one in Tooele County the other one up in Box Elder County.

According to the agency’s Jason Curry, there’s already been more than 20 wildfires this month throughout the state.

Most have been due to farmers and ranchers burning debris or doing maintenance work around their property.

The fires started out as controlled, smaller fires, but then, usually due to the wind, got out of hand and lead to a bigger blaze.

“You need to check with your local fire department or fire marshal before you begin any kind of a burn,” said Curry, who is the agency’s Deputy Director.

According to Curry, it could wind up being a very, extra-long wildfire season and 2022.

This means that everyone needs to do their part to try and minimize the threat.


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