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Woman’s adaptive bike stolen in SLC



Salt Lake City, Utah — A disabled woman in Salt Lake City was left without her customized bicycle over the weekend.

Maggie said the bike was locked onto the rack on her Subaru Saturday when she went into a climbing gym at 1470 South and 400 West.

According to Gettys, when she came out, she noticed the lock was clipped and the bike was gone. “My mind was spinning with all sorts of scenarios like, ‘How would they know how to work it?’ and ‘Who would need it?'” said Gettys.

Gettys says the bicycle is an adaptive, customized bike, made especially for her. It’s worth $12,000, but it isn’t something that can easily be sold.

The National Ability Center put the bike theft up on Instagram, with the aim to find the thief. “It went across the internet like nothing I’ve ever seen,” said Steph Meyer with the center. “We had coast to coast, north to south support from everybody. Lots of people are enraged, just because it’s a piece of adaptive equipment and it feels a little violating to get your bike stolen.”

Gettys said the owner of the climbing gym took it upon himself to canvas the area and located the bike.

“I know he was walking around the street for hours and asking people and putting so much effort and time into finding my bike. I can’t believe someone who doesn’t even know me would do something like that,” said Gettys.

According to Gettys, the climbing gym owner returned the bike to her on Sunday.

It was back in working condition after a few adjustments.