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Breaking: CDC to recommend mask mandates in some areas even for vaccinated people



Instead of improvement in the Covid-19 situation, it seems like we are going back as CDC is about to recommend mask mandates in some areas even for fully vaccinated people as a result of the latest surge in new positive cases mostly because of the Delta variant. The new guidelines are expected to be announced Tuesday.

It was not that long ago when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lifted the mask mandate and some other pandemic measures for vaccinated people. That guidance as expected to change today.

New York Times reported that the CDC will recommend mask mandate in certain areas in the country where fully vaccinated people will be obligated to wear masks again while indoors. This will apply for areas where the numbers of new cases have dramatically increased during the last two weeks.

According to the latest data provided by CDC, around 83% of the new cases recently are Delta variant cases which is known to be highly transmittable.

The mask mandate raised political debate in many states and in multiple occasions the state and federal guidelines over the mask mandates and some other pandemic measures were rather conflicting. On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested in an interview that the CDC may yet revise those guidelines.

Meanwhile, it is confirmed that the vaccines are still highly effective in combating the virus and the Delta variant, although, in the latter case we saw that the vaccines efficiency drastically drops.

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