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Granite Mountain receiving enhanced park features



Cedar City, Utah – In the future, outdoor enthusiasts can look forward to new improvements at Granite Mountain recreation area.

According to The Utah Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Cedar City Field Office, it has approved the construction of two new trailheads, a new trail system, a campground, and other features to improve the Granite Mountain area of Beaver County.

The new improvements will help manage increasing recreational while repairing and upgrading existing facilities.

The final development of the project will depend on available funds. Construction is slated to begin around spring 2023.

According to BLM, the project will disrupt less than 10 acres of land. The new trail system is designed for hiking and equestrian use only while connecting users to peaks and points of interest in the area.

According to BLM, brand new amenities, small trails, spur routes, and basic camping sites will be reclaimed to prevent “further degradation by visitors who create new sites and routes in the area”.

“We feel strongly that this is the best course of action to provide a high-quality recreation experience while maintaining the natural values of this area,” said BLM Cedar City Field Manager Paul Briggs. “The amenities provided will offer the public the desirable recreation experiences that they seek and will reduce and minimize user-created disturbances on the landscape.”

Officials believe visitors will enjoy the new amenities, making access easier and more intuitive.

“The BLM strives to be a good neighbor to the communities we serve by increasing public access and improving recreation opportunities on BLM-managed public lands, which supports local economies,” says BLM Utah.


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