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Utah aims to cancel a dentist’s license that has been suspended in three other states



Salt Lake City, Utah – The dentist whose license is on the sex offender registry has had the first step toward its revocation taken by the Utah organization that oversees health professionals.
Three other states have previously suspended Thomas A. Endicott, the dentist. He’ll get a chance to reply to the notification that the Division of Professional Licensing, or DOPL, in Utah, sent him.

According to the letter, Endicott neglected to notify DOPL of his arrest in Arizona in 2018 for not registering as a sexual offender. According to the notification, Endicott failed to reveal the investigation that the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners had opened as a result of his arrest when he attempted to renew his Utah license.

The claims’ final paragraph mentions that an Endicott patient in Arizona passed away in 2021. Following the death, Endicott consented to a brief suspension of his Arizonan license. Endicott is fighting against a move to put him on indefinite leave.

Endicott’s licenses to administer drugs and practice dentistry were still listed as “active” on a DOPL website on Thursday.

Following the death of the 72-year-old patient, Endicott was anesthetized, and an investigation was launched.

It was found that Endicott had a prior history with authorities dating back to 2005 when he was found guilty in Michigan of drug distribution and healthcare fraud. In the same year, Endicott entered a guilty plea to a misdemeanor sex charge after a female coworker said he had pinched her behind.

Due to that accusation, he is currently a registered sexual offender.

Because of those criminal convictions, Endicott lost his dental license in both Illinois and Michigan, where he was licensed as well.

Then, in 2012, Endicott applied for an Arizona license.

“I’ve paid all my debts to society,” Endicott told the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners, according to audio of the hearing, “And I’ve lived out here and I’d like to start a new life and begin again.”

He was given an Arizona license by the board.

Then, Endicott was granted a license in Utah in 2016. According to records, he told DOPL about his criminal past and Midwest bans. However, the most recent letter claims that he failed to disclose the 2018 arrest to DOPL when he later renewed his Utah license.

In November, a DOPL representative stated that the agency would look into whether Utah’s standards of care were broken in the Arizona patient’s death.

In a 2022 meeting of the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners, Endicott’s attorney, David Williams, called the patient’s death, from what documents have described as a cardiac episode, “an unfortunate event.”

“It’s our position,” Williams said, “Dr. Endicott appropriately managed the patient’s care and treatment as he tried to walk through an emergent situation.”

Although Endicott has never received disciplinary action in Utah, DOPL will make some information about the professional punishment it issues available online. A license holder’s past interactions with other states are not posted by DOPL.

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